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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti
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Mother nature's cruel trick

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Mother nature's cruel trick Empty Mother nature's cruel trick

Message  Rodlam Sans Malice Jeu 8 Mar 2007 - 22:57

Here's the secret reason why some guys stay hot and sexy their entire lives -while others just fizzle and feel miserable,

It past midnight ,but Bill ,age 52 isn't going up to bed.Not just yet .He still has his nightcap to finish and the late scores to check.Besides,he wants to be sure his wife is sound asleep before he lumbers upstairs .That way he won't have to risk the embarrassement of losing his erection again.

Besides ,these days Bill just isn't into it.In fact he isn't into much.Not his family .Not his career.Not even sex.What's got his mojo?

meanwhile across the street Bill's neighbor Rod,age 64 is nuzzling his wife in their hot tub after an impromptu outburst of love making that caught them both by surprise in the middle of dessert.

And judging by the way his body is responding to her eager love bites on his looks like they're for an encore.

What makes a man a stud or a dud?

men have been trying to solve this mystery for centuries.At long last we know the answer lies with our hormones.

This is why most men begin to experience a noticeable weakening of their sex drive and erections around age 45.Nature starts cuting off our supply of tetestoterone and other raging male hormones (called androgens)that made us lusty back in our youth.

And guys ,the results of this testosterone deprivation aren't pretty.

With less testosterone ,a man feels weak,tired and bored most of the time.His joints stiffen and his entire body feels "creaky".He can't remember as well as he used to.He has trouble sleeping .He doesn't recover from workouts and injuries as fast.

Worst of all ,his sex drive shifts into neutral and his erections leak pressure like an old tire .Result?A loss of self confidence -or full blown depression(i told you this stuff wasn't prety;old age is a bitch)lol

Doctors used to refer to this as "middle crisis"and blame it on normal aging.Now we know the real explanation is entirely hormonal.

Could this be happening to you?

If you are over 45.If your sexual urge isn't all that strong -and if your erections aren't as firm as you'r like .If you feel fatigued ,bored ,forgetful ,irritable ,and slightly depressed lately.If you 've been gaining weight and losing the rock hard muscles and physical strengt Chances are you're caught in the grip of "manopause "the male equivalent of menopause ,medically known as andropause

Manopause isa raw deal that sucker-punches a man just when he finally has the time and money to kick back and enjoy himself.It's cruel trick of nature.And it isn't just his sex life that suffers.Losing testosterone leaves a man especially vulnerable to heart disease,Alzheimer's ,diabetes,depression and premature death.

Nature"s way of killing us.

It's no coincidence that manopause occurs about the same time as female menopause does.Both are meant to mark ,not just the end of reproductive life.but life itself.

I am not kidding,Pulling the plug on these health protecting hormones is Mother Nature's way of killing us off after we've fulfilled our reproductive duty.In her utilitarian eyes ,we are no longer necessary.Throughout history ,human life expectancy rarely exceeded beyond these hormonal changes.

Even as early as 1900,the average life span was just 47 years,the exact time that male and female hormones begin to recede.

By Rick Popowitz.
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