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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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Intersection Between....a Lire


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Intersection Between....a Lire Empty Intersection Between....a Lire

Message  Edpoete Lun 19 Sep 2011 - 14:19

Intersection between Slavery and the Military in Haiti'
Yonie Richard, Fille de Iranel Richard, de Hinche
October 27, 2009

In her debut nonfiction book, "Intersection =etween Slavery and the Military in Haiti: Justice and Peace are the Right =alance of Power" (published by =Universe), Yonie Richard explores the many dimensions of the Haitian complex =sychological and sociological impacts that plague her people and consequently stunt =heir development into free-thinking, democratic citizens, a fate Richard =elieves she must illuminate in order to help her brothers and sisters' future.
Covering subjects ranging from military training to educational =tandards to the violence of Voodoo religious rites, Richard is no stranger to the =any facets of the Haitian Government, nor is she a voice that will be =ilenced. She passionately speaks out against the deplorable education system and food =upply issues in Haiti that only serve to turn her brothers and sisters into =bedient officers for an unjust government. As an emigrant from Haiti herself, =ichard calls for reform and offers clear solutions that will undoubtedly help =ith the rehabilitation of her nation.
Nowhere in her new book does Richard better state her call to action =han in her very first chapter, "Slave and the Military," where she =tates:
Without a reform in both education and health =are, it will be
impossible for Haiti to become a democratic country. They really =re
not aware of it. They are so innocent that they have no clue =hat
causes them to act so badly. Today, they are becoming the worst
criminals and the worst slaves. I ask for a pardon for the =ation;
please give Haiti a chance, the country that was placed next to
heaven, but today is actually one exit before hell.
Through "Intersection between Slavery and the Military in Haiti," =oth Haitian and American readers can now learn about the nationwide violence =weakening the strong spirit of Haiti and the leading causes of that =iolence, which according to Richards, stems from poor education, food =egulations, military mindsets, lack of democratic communication, criminal behavior =ustified by religious practices, among many others.
Now free from psychological abuse for more than 25 years, Richards =ecame a civil engineer before she immigrated to the U.S. in July 1982. Armed =ith her newfound freedom, she finished high school and earned numerous degrees. =he is currently working as a health care professional and attending Kaplan =niversity in order to make the most of her ability (and desire) to educate =erself. "Intersection between Slavery and the Military in Haiti" is her first publication.
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New Political Adventure Novel Explores Soviet-Afghan War
October 27, 2009
Experience an Afghanistan the western world =nows little about, a country on the brink of a turbulent nine-year Soviet-Afghan =ar. Judith Montgomery's novel "Aksandar" (published by =uthorHouse) sheds light on a historic conflict whose elements mirror Afghanistan's current =situation and gives color to the country's little-known background.
It's 1979, six months before the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The =arsh and unforgiving desert country is left to fend on its own against a =ussian regime, leaving it practically shattered. Cities and remote villages are =eing ravaged by a Russian political machine in the first Marxist government Afghanistan has ever seen, religious conservatives are assaulted, =itizens are arrested by the secret police and fear is rampant in the bazaars.
Charismatic Aziz Rashani has watched the country he loves struggle =or freedom from the domination of a Marxist puppet regime and revert to =tter chaos. In a bold decision to bring change to a country in dire need of =ope, Aziz thrusts himself and his family into the midst of the conflict -- =esulting in imminent danger and questionable situations that threaten his own =alues. Soon he finds himself tangled in a subversive group's planned coup and =ust avoid secret police and Russian informants in order to succeed. =eanwhile, Aziz becomes involved in a controversial love affair with an American woman =hat adds to an already dangerous set of plans. Tradition is in direct conflict =ith love and personal desires in this tragic land, but Aziz knows that failure is =ot an option. He continues his quest for truth and justice, all the while =attling the odds with the Afghan spirit of courage, sense of humor and respect for =onor that persuades him hope is never futile.
Spontaneous =ioting in the Char Chata bazaar touched off angry
demonstrations all over the city. Near Al-an, a protest by four
brothers of a man who was beaten to death for a curfew violation
turned into a brawl that expanded in unleashed rage. Rocks and =roken
bottles were used as weapons by people who shouted to be heard =bove
the sound of smashing glass. Soldiers used tear gas to break up =he
mob...Vibrations from the exploding truck rocked Al-an; coffee =rom
Aziz's mug sloshed on the papers spread out in front of him. =What the
hell was that?" he said.
Aksandar is a gripping story of politics, intrigue, murder, love, =eception and desperation in a war-torn country.
Judith Montgomery grew up in a small city in western New York, =ollecting maps of the world and dreaming of faraway countries. After graduating =rom a Boston college and spending time with Hindu teachers from India, she =egan traveling the world. Montgomery's personal spiritual quest has continued =ince with 3-4 international trips a year, and she claims the people of rural, =third-world villages have been her most influential teachers. She =articularly enjoys "off the radar" locations such as the backcountry of Mongolia and =Afghanistan, the steppe countries of Central Asia, and rural India. =ontgomery now lives in The Villages in central Florida near her sister and elderly =ather, and designs tile floors in her spare time. Learn more at
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