Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti
Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti
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Message important ;Haiti Action Committee

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Message important ;Haiti Action Committee Empty Message important ;Haiti Action Committee

Message  Marc-Henry Mer 31 Oct 2007 - 8:28

Haiti Action Committee
Urgent Action Alert

Dr. Maryse Narcisse Kidnapped in Haiti

We have just received the shocking news that Dr. Maryse Narcisse, member of the National Commission of the Fanmi Lavalas Party, has been kidnapped. Dr. Narcisse and her driver, Delano Morel, were abducted near her home in Port-au-Prince.

Dr. Narcisse is a medical doctor and long-time advocate for democracy in Haiti. She has been in the forefront of efforts to provide community-based health care and education for all Haitians.

Exiled to Miami after the US-orchestrated coup d'etat in 2004 that overthrew the democratic government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, she became personal spokesperson for President Aristide and was instrumental in creating an international voice for the Lavalas movement. She returned to Haiti in 2006, after the election of President Rene Preval, to continue her efforts to restore democracy.

The disappearance of Dr. Narcisse is the latest assault on the Haitian grassroots movement. Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a psychologist, human rights advocate and leader of Lavalas, has been disappeared and presumed kidnapped since August 12th. Other Lavalas activists remain imprisoned under inhumane conditions.

The United Nations occupying forces boast of "stability" and an "improved security situation" in Haiti. In fact, under UN occupation, a wave of terror against political and human rights activists has been taking place in Haiti.

Please contact the following offices of the U.S. Embassy, the U.N. occupying powers, and the government of President Rene Preval. Let them know that people all over the world are outraged at these disappearances in Haiti.
Express your concern that all efforts are being made to facilitate the safe return of Dr. Maryse Narcisse, Delano Morel and Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine.

UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

Tel: 011-509-244-9650 or 9660
Fax: 011-509-244-9366 or 9367
Or, Fax to Office of Secretary General (New York) – (212) 963.4879

United States Embassy, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Telephones: 011-509-223-4711, or 222-0200 or 0354
Fax: 011-509-223-1641 or 9038
President Rene Preval
Fax to 206-350-7986 (a US number) or email to

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Message important ;Haiti Action Committee Empty Re: Message important ;Haiti Action Committee

Message  Rodlam Sans Malice Mer 31 Oct 2007 - 8:52

it is incumbent also on the remaining leaders of the popular movement ,not only lavalas ,to march in the streets of Port-au-prince to show their discontent with the kidnaping of leaders of the most popular political party in haiti.They should remind the other parties that they do not have the monopole of violence.

We have two alternatives :We can coexist pacifically ;respecting the rules of the democratic prenciples ;one man one vote or we can kill each other until we loose the country.It is up to the haitians to comprehend that violence will not solve their problems.The real solutions of the problems are a strategy to produce more goods and services for the people;.to be less dependant on foreign aid;to invest in agriculture and basic infrastructure to promote growth.Fighting for power that has no means to create more goods and services has never and will never take haiti out of the ranks of the less developped countries of the world and the poorer countries of the americas.

It is indignant that a country that is helped by Cuban doctors Dr maryse Narcisse who could have lived in luxury in the united Satets or in canada ,as many other haitians doctors prefer to return to her country to fight diseases and poverty should be kidnapped because of her political views.This is repugnant to all decent haitians and human beings.If this is the road that haitian politicians choose to combat the popular movement in haiti then they should take responsibility for whatever the consequences.
Rodlam Sans Malice
Rodlam Sans Malice
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