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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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Why are Haitians so overjoyed to see Aristide?

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Why are Haitians so overjoyed to see Aristide? Empty Why are Haitians so overjoyed to see Aristide?

Message  jafrikayiti Sam 19 Mar 2011 - 7:35

There is something that seems to really bother some folks about the DIGNITY reflected by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, his professional - yet always modestly attired spouse and two daughters. I guess they are more comfortable with the "last king of scottland" steoreotype which feeds some deep seated hunger in their soul. Aristide denies them that pleasure and it hurts. Another thing that seems to enrage some folks is the RESPECT with which this family of Haitians has been treated by the revolutionary people of South-Africa.

It is noteworthy that President Aristide started his speech with: Frè m, sè m, onè -respè! (my brothers, my sisters, HONOR & RESPECT). The last word of his speech was: Amour (Love).

Some are questionning how the Aristide family managed to fly back in a private jet, seated in the company of TransAfrica Forum founder and director Danny Glover.

Former U.S. Special Forces soldier Stan Goff may help them find the answer to their question which is more psychological than practical, as he wrote:

I feel it is important to take away one of the key weapons of the beast, the exoticization of Haiti that lends credence to the notion that Haitian society and politics are perverse and unknowable and essentially cultural. By extension, this means that Haitians are perverse, unknowable, and trapped in culture. I found nothing in my experience during the invasion of 1994, or on subsequent visits to Haiti, that was either exotic or incomprehensible. The U. S. was behaving in a manner consistent with an imperialist power, and Haitians were behaving in a manner consistent with subjugated, exploited, and colonized peoples. This implicitly racist exoticizing serves capital by encouraging potential anti-imperialist allies in the U.S.-especially African-Americans-to turn their backs on what appears to be an intractably exasperating and impenetrable situation. Pan-African solidarity has always alarmed capital. Capital spares no effort in subverting it.

Indeed, not enough has been said to praise the courage displayed by South-Africa during those past 7 years of bullying by the international bandits and their accomplices. Today, this set of self-styled legal bandits who consider bloody coup d'etat to be a normal form of "diplomacy" are all red-faced, blushing in shame, but it would be foolish to expect them to stop doing what they do.

Thank God for Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! Blessed indeed be the soul of John Maxwell! Again, we say with sincerity NGIYABONGA SOUTH-AFRICA !

The STATE of FRANCE: you still owe $40 Billion to the African People of Haiti - the world has not forgotten! These survivors of the MAAFA need their money to build their infrastructure - they do not need another Institut francais and literary prizes to prop up "la franco-phoney". They need real hospitals, highways, real universities, irrigation systems, airports....Haitian companies to exploit the iridium, the oil, the gold of their hard earned 27,750 square kilometers. Pay up and stop the croccodile tears and fake lamentations. Return the Charles X Ransom in order to recover your own dignity!


Peace! (with justice!)

"Depi nan Ginen bon Nèg ap ede Nèg!"
(Brotherhood is as Ancient as Motherland Africa)

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Why are Haitians so overjoyed to see Aristide? Empty Re: Why are Haitians so overjoyed to see Aristide?

Message  Le gros roseau Sam 19 Mar 2011 - 9:55


I thank you for this serum that you gave me this morning.It was a pleasure reading your condemnation of the imperialist powers which want to perpetuate slavery in haiti.I know some house slaves will not understand your point of view,but I congratulate you for this piece.Keep up the good work."We shall overcome" to repat the words of the great american leader,Dr Martin Luther King as long as we have people like Jean Bertrand Arisitde, Danny Glover,Claude Ribbe , Nelson mandela, President Mbeki,all the true friends of Haiti who helped us during these past seven years.We are also grateful to the President of South Africa for his courage ;to the members of the american black caucus.,to mrs Goodman to Dr Farmer.and to all honest and decent people of the world who fought to reverse this injustice;may God bless you all;Today is a new day;let's continue to fight for our dignity.

The people of haiti are not dumb ;they know who is defending their interests.This is what confuses some people :how come Arisitide is still loved by the haitian people depsite all the lies they propagate to denigrate him.They should not underestimate the haitian people. after all these are the people who fought to be free,and if left alone to take care of their business they will prosper as any other people.haitians are not lazy.Some people better take care fo their own business instead of interfering in the internal affairs of haiti.

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